Graphics design

A well-crafted design should effectively communicate the message to the target audience as attractive as possible. Here in virtuhos technologies we design everything from scratch with the latest tools and technologies. Our designers use various elements of designs to bring the best pleasing models. With the best designing company, our clients can able to make unlimited revisions until they get satisfied. Here we are doing the below-mentioned services. Apart from that, we make Newspaper advertisements, Magazine Layout, Newspaper Layout, Product packaging etc. A sophisticated design will lead to increased business and your brand will be recognized by everyone.

Logo designing

A logo makes a significant impact on a company’s public perception. It holds the brand identity and company information. Here, we create a custom logo that is made for you and your business contains the input of business owners. A well-designed piece of the logo needs to capture your intended audience’s attention and leave a long-lasting positive impression. Memorable logos are very easy to describe and recall from memory because they are embedded into your sub consciousness. Our creative minds are working closely with the clients and listen to all the client requirements to conceal sophisticated user experience.

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Your customers pay more attention to your logo than you might think, so keeping it relevant is a worthwhile expense. The logo you created in 20 years back is probably not going to speak to this new information age customers. Consider if you have added new products or you've expanded your business it’s time to think to change your LOGO. Bringing dramatic change in the LOGO also make some problems, so changing the logo without changing the theme is also important. We help to revamp your Logo based on your requirement.

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ID CARD Designing

When your business and your customers have gotten to know each other after having so many dealings, discussions and talks only. So, the level of trust and faith is also good. But this must not be the case when you first meet or get to know each other. For that, you need to have a picture ID card that possesses your details. Also if you consider any organization or corporate company the strong and undeniable proof for employee work is an Identity card. Moreover, the ID card restricts the unnecessary access of people. So, here we create beautifully designed ID cards for employees, business owners, schools and other professionals.

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Business card designing

Business cards play a very crucial role in the marketing of a brand. It not only represents you but also represents your company as well as the standard of the company. Business cards are vital business tools that can effectively create a perfect image in the mind of your consumers as well as business partners. Keep in mind that low quality and plain printed business cards can be indeed detrimental to the image of your company, and it is only the professional Business card designing firms that can offer you the most unique designs for your business cards. So the virtuhos technologies.

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Envelope Designing

Envelopes can enhance your efforts and reinforce your brand image. Back up your marketing efforts by using professional, attractive styles. You may think about what you can do with white paper or you may think about what this white paper brings. A beautiful design of the envelope will give curiosity to the customers before they open it. That's why envelopes should be designed attractively with your brand and logo. The envelope should be simple and sober. Virtuhos Technologies don't use more colors because it distracts the customer attention. Our team of professional graphic designers can create impressive and elegant envelope designs that are consistent with your corporate identity.

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Brochure Designing

Brochures are an important part of your advertising strategy and are a window to the quality of service you provide to your client. So, a well-designed brochure is a must. If you are looking for Online Brochure Designing. People may think brochures are not even in the nowadays marketing strategy because everything is been digitized. But that's not the truth. A professionally designed brochure can be an important lead-nurturing marketing strategy. We are one of the best among brochure design companies in Chennai. Our graphic designers are adept at designing appealing brochures for your company or event.

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