Web-Application development

Millions of businesses use the internet as a cost-effective channel to reach their audience. However effective engagement is only possible when the business can capture and store all the necessary data, processing the data and presenting the results to the user. Web applications use a combination of server-side scripts to store and retrieve the data, and client-side scripts to provide information to the user. The major advantage of the web application is that they are not installed in hard-drive which eliminates the space consumption. Nowadays many software are changed as cloud-based models. With the help of virtuhos technologies, you can streamline your business operations and increase efficiency.

Dynamic website

Virtuhos technologies specialize in creating any kind of Dynamic website keeping in mind its customer's specific requirements. Most large websites are dynamic because they can be manually opened, edited and published whenever the change is required. This is especially helpful for large websites that contain hundreds of thousands of pages. With an inspiring and highly professional Web Design set up of hard-core experienced Web designer Team, we have designed and delivered dynamic website Design solutions to meet & surpass our client's expectations.

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The development of an e-commerce website is the most popular option for buying and selling kind of business. In recent days this kind of business takes exceptional exponential growth in any geographic area. If your business comes under this then create a website and increase your profit with ease. E-commerce provides you the option to create either a single merchant or a market place based platform. As a business owner, you need to take a call on what business model suits your requirements. We are here to help you out with which one to be taken for an efficient way of making business.

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Php Development

Php is the most widely used general-purpose open-source server-side scripting language which can be embedded with HTML and is especially suited to create dynamic pages and applications. The scripting language is extremely popular and used by almost every web developers when they wanted to enhance and increase the quality of their website appearance. The main objective of PHP Development is to create more dynamic pages. We offer expert PHP web design and programming services for our clients. We provide a range of services on PHP application development with the support of our deep web application development expertise.

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Job portal website

Planning to run your own Job portal company or a job consulting firm? No worry, because you are in the right place. Success in running a job portal is primarily defined by how content management systems, job search engines, highly flexible admin areas, email alerts, membership management systems, etc are integrated on the portal. The best part about the job portals is that they are free for the users. The money that the company pays for job portal development is released from the companies that put job advertisements on the portal for hiring new people.

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Web application development

A web application is a software or program which is accessible using any web browser. Its frontend is usually created using languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, which are supported by major browsers. While the backend could use any programming stack like LAMP, MEAN, etc. There are many advantages as far as the web application is concerned such as allowing multiple users to access the same version of the application, no need for installation like many software and can be accessed through various platforms such as desktop, laptop or mobile.

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Matrimonial Website

This is the best solution if you are looking to run a matrimonial services website. We have integrated many features which you can use and take full advantage of the matrimonial services. This is a very powerful online matrimony management package system that we've developed exclusively and user-friendly. Users will be able to search, update, add/remove, and edit their profiles from the database. In addition, users can also add/delete/change descriptions, upload images/photos.

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